Ideal flatmates

Happy to live with anyone


We are a couple that are best friends, we are hard workers and love our down time in the afternoons. We are also outgoing people and love to go out on the weekends or have a happy hour on friday arvos. Apart from that we do like our own company and enjoy our quiet nights.

I (Alana) currently work out of home half the days of the week and will be in the office the others of the current situation but when that changes I will be in the office 5 Days a week. Hayden will be working from he's office 5 days a week so neither of us will be home an abundance amount of the time.

Both of us are very clean and have a small dog named Sofie. She is an Australian Sheppard x kelpie and is a bundle of joy and has lots of energy. She will be living with us and we will need a backyard for her to play around in during the day.

We are both very flexible with work so we usually do not leave the dog home alone, we prefer to take her around with us where ever we go.

Listing ID: L21011332141619

Posted on 13 January 2021