Ideal flatmates

Happy to live with anyone


Hello! I am Dennis,

I plan to go to study in TAFE Queensland at med of July,

I will arrive Brisbane at second of July, I like to live in the region of post code number in 4124,4125 or 4133.

I will go alone and without any pets,as many people know that being a Asian, I like keep my own room clean and tidy anytime.

So I also wish to rent and live in a clean place.Beside, I have to talk you honestly that I am a smoker, but I can guarantee that I will not smoking in indoor,because I don't like smoky smell filled in the house too.

Furthermore, I hope live with local people better, I hope to have English family members, that can help me truly integrate into AU life.

Finally, my course is a 2 years course, so I wish to rent $140 per week for long turn.

If I really like your place, I will live in same place very long time, I hope a stable life and I don't wanna move often.

if you still have other questions, please let me know quickly.

I hope to confirm the rental affairs in after 1 or 2 weeks.


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Posted on 9 June 2019